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Endorsed By Vets, Scientists And
Healthcare Professionals

Endorsed By Vets, Scientists And Healthcare Professionals

Award Winning VET, Dr. Kevin Cruickshank, talks about
the importance of massage for arthritis & mobility issues in dogs.

Award Winning VET, Dr. Kevin Cruickshank, talks about the importance of massage for arthritis & mobility issues in dogs.


Five Stars &
Two Paws Up For Dog Cloud

Dogs of all ages love the therapeutic benefits of Dog Cloud. Plus, it’s saving their humans
money on expensive physiotherapy and vet visits. See why people can’t stop talking!

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Boxers are prone to hip dysplasia so when our fur baby started showing signs, we jumped at these amazing massage beds. What an invention!!! We really notice him getting up much easier after long naps. Best investment you can make in an ageing dog!

Kristy | Verified Buyer
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Best investment we've ever made

Best investment we've ever made for our dogs. They're family and we want to give them the very best for a long, healthy life with us. Dog Cloud guarantees results and no wonder why - it just works!!!

Brad | Verified Buyer
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Dog Cloud Bed is such a miracle !!!

I was so lucky I got a Dog Cloud bed at one of the pet expos in town. My 2 little Frenchies -Winston and Roxy- suffer severe hip dysplasia, severe hemivertebrea, slip disk, anxiety and have been in so much pain. They are only 3 and 4 yrs old !!! If we don't help them to have proper diet, exercise, therapy and care, they may be able to need wheelchairs later which will be really devastating. Dog Cloud has come in the right time like a life savers for us! We are so so so lucky!!!

Pornthida, Roxy and Winston - Thailand

Pornthida P. | Verified Buyer
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She loves it!

Zuna is a 7yr old Dobermann. She's very active, we play ball nearly everyday and she puts in 100% effort the entire time. I've noticed that age has started catching up with Zuna, especially in winter, so I decided to invest in some comfort for my best mate!

Leon | Verified Buyer
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Incredible massage therapy bed

We have been using the DogCloud Massage bed for a little over 2 months now and I am thrilled with the results. Our beautiful chocolate lab is so comfortable on the bed and loves the massage. She no longer follows me around the house. The main reason we use the bed is to manage Harley's arthritis. Thank you so much to the whole DogCloud team. I can not recommend these beds enough. The quality and results have blown me away.

Lori | Verified Buyer
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Your dogs will thank you for this bed

I have 2 dogs - 1 with anxiety and the other with a bow leg. The Dog Cloud Massage bed has helped both dogs. My dog with the bow leg has so much more agility since having regular massage and my separation anxiety ridden dog has settled down so much I can leave the house without drama. I found such a marked improvement in both dogs I got them one each. The app makes it easy to schedule massage and the alerts let you know your fur baby is using the bed and getting therapy while your not home. The style of the bed fits perfectly in my home, it looks like a lux bed!The covers are easy to remove to wash and keep it all looking fresh. My little fur friends are happy and relaxed. This has been the best purchase ever.

Nicole | Verified Buyer
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We’re saving $$$ on expensive physiotherapy visits

Our precious Lola, a 13-year-old French Bulldog has a spinal abnormality which has slowly caused her to lose function in her back legs. As she grew older, she’s become totally reliant on her front legs. This caused her mobility to decline and her days became a little less joyful. Enter the Dog Cloud Bed… In the three months since introducing this bed to Lola, it’s given Lola an extra spring in her step and helped her movement. It’s also been great for some anxiety relief. She can be a bit dramatic at times (classic Frenchie, right?), and the Dog Cloud Bed has helped chill her out. It makes me feel good that we’re helping her live more comfortably in her golden years. Plus, my wife used to spend a fortune on physiotherapy for Lola and now we have the luxury of giving Lola the same level of therapy every day in our living room. You can’t beat that! If you’re a pet parent, especially someone with an older dog, I would definitely recommend Dog Cloud Bed. It’s more than a bed; it’s an investment in your dog’s health, happiness and longevity.

Justin | Verified Buyer
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Real Life
Success Stories

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Mom of 9yo Labrador

"Harley hadn't used the stairs in months."

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Mom of 16yo Jed

“Jed is not afraid of storms anymore”

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Monster’s best friend

“Monster has severe arthritis and his posture has slightly straightened after 2 weeks using Dog Cloud Bed”

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Mom of Ninja & Gigette

“No more barking and now they’re having a happy experience outdoors”



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