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It’s no secret that dogs are truly ideal companions. Yet, did you know they can offer amazing health benefits as well?

Since dogs require more walks throughout the day, dog owners need to move their bodies as well. That additional exercise gets your blood pumping, helps you bond with your dog, and adds structure to your day.

But the health benefits don’t end there! Research shows that dogs can even lower stress levels, reduce blood pressure, and boost your mental health.

So grab your furry friend and read on to learn all the different ways that dogs are good for humans!


”95% of pet owners refer to their dog as part of the family” 



Did you know that research studies found that around 95% of pet owners refer to their dog as part of the family? There is a reason why you are so strongly-attached to your dog.

Sure, cuddling and playing with your canine companion is fun, but did you know it can release happy hormones, like serotonin and dopamine? This process also occurs when your dog sees you.

This bond has been strengthened over thousands of years between our early ancestors and canines.

Since dogs have evolved as companions to humans, they have even become attuned to our mannerisms and emotions.

This is why it seems like your pet can tell what you’re thinking or feeling. That sensory bond allows you to communicate back-and-forth with your pets in a special way to express needs and desires.

There are a plethora of research and case studies about the scientific benefits of having dogs, and we are here to share them!


While most dog owners already know the reasons why they love their pet, they may not know the science behind it.

Check out the 6 scientific reasons they are good for you, below!

1. Increased Physical Activity When Owning a Dog

Did you know that people who walk their dogs every day move an extra average of 30 minutes a day compared to people who don’t own a dog?


”Did you know that people who walk their dogs every day move an extra average of 30 minutes a day compared to people who don’t own a dog?”

If you live somewhere with extreme temperatures, you can understand how easy it is to stay comfortable indoors next to the ac or heater.

When you have a dog, you need to take them outside to use the bathroom and ensure they get enough exercise. This added routine will also force you to get cardio without even realising it.

Research shows that adults need an average of at least 150 minutes a week, or two and half hours of physical exercise.

People who walk their dogs are much more likely to make that weekly goal. Since you are doing it to address your pet’s needs, it takes the goal and stress out of trying to get your daily cardio.

Plus, walking your dog is a great bonding time between the two of you. So, put the phone away and get out there with your pet!

2. Emotional Support from Dogs

Dogs carry so much unconditional love and curiosity for the world which is why they make great emotional support systems. Studies show they can even reduce loneliness.

This is why you often see therapy dogs in programs from children’s hospitals, airports, elderly homes, and even in courtrooms.

Science has even shown that looking into your dog’s eyes can release hormones in your brain, making you feel content and relaxed.

They also can add structure and meaning to your day. For many people who lost their jobs during covid or had to work from home, having a dog could help break up their day and maintain a healthy routine.

There is even evidence to suggest that dogs can help give longevity to companionship to retired folks.

3. Stress Relief

This last year has added additional stress to everyone’s life. It seems the only ones having a great time were dogs.

Thankfully for dog owners, that happiness is contagious.

Did you know that owning a dog can help decrease your stress over time? There is even evidence that suggests bringing your pet to work helps lowers your stress throughout the day.

This specific study allowed dog owners to bring their dogs to work and freely wander around the large company. Every day they measured the stress and cortisol levels of its participants through cheek swabs and reports.

Throughout one week of observation, the researchers noticed that pet owners had lower stress when they brought their dogs to work and higher stress without them.


”Throughout one week of observation, the researchers noticed that pet owners had lower stress when they brought their dogs to work and higher stress without them.” 

Interestingly enough, they also noticed that people who didn’t own pets had lower stress levels as well, but they were still higher than the actual dog owners.

This study helps show that while being around dogs is great for your overall health, owning one can have even more long-term health benefits!

4. Improved Cardiovascular Health

Canine companions help promote quality heart health. In fact, thanks to a comprehensive case study from 1950 through 2019, we have hard evidence to back this up!

Having dogs can add longevity to your life by improving your overall cardiovascular health. This is because owning a dog can drastically lower your blood pressure, reduce cholesterol, and even decrease your chances of heart attacks. Researchers believe that this is thanks in part to the needing to have a healthy walking routine, decreased stress from bonding, and even a greater sense of purpose.

The study also showed that dogs improve cardiovascular health in young children too!


5. Help Prevent Allergies in Children

There are numerous benefits for children having a pet dog, especially when it comes to sensory issues or stressors. Having a dog not only helps teach children about bonding and empathy, but it can also help prevent allergies.


”Having a dog not only helps teach children about bonding and empathy, but it can also help prevent allergies.”

While it may be surprising, having a dog in the home can greatly help lower your children’s chance of developing allergies thanks to a revolutionary case study from 2004.

This study from the Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology showed that through exposure therapy, children had a nearly 33% less chance of developing allergies to dogs and cats if they had them as pets.


”…children had a nearly 33% less chance of developing allergies to dogs and cats if they had them as pets.” 

6. Safety and Protection

Dogs are very intuitive and intelligent creatures that can alert you to dangers in and outside of the home. Because of their devotion to you, case studies show that they are wired to want to save their human companion.

There are countless stories of dogs alerting owners to house fires, heart attacks, armed robbers, bullies, and yes, the occasional mailman.

This is both due to their heightened senses and also their intense desire to keep their ‘pack’ safe. When you own a dog, you have a built-in buddy who can alert you to potential dangers all while adding soothing comfort.



As you can see above, owning a dog can reduce stress, improve heart health, lift your spirits, and even help you get additional exercise. If you are as passionate about your dog’s health as you are about yours, it’s time to invest in a quality dog bed.

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That deep human-animal bond formed when you own a dog can improve so many areas in your life. From reducing stress to adding longevity to your life, science shows that dogs are good for humans.

As a dog owner, you want to ensure that your canine companion has everything they need to add vitality and comfort. This is why it’s a great reason to invest in a quality, science-supported dog bed to help ease the aches and pains of your aging pup.

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