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Dog Cloud is designed to deliver 40-80 minutes of therapeutic massage to your dog each day. Your app will guide on their favourite massage and as an observant dog owner, you’ll soon see benefits and further enhance their health with adjustments to their schedule and favourite massage mode.

Dogs are pretty fast learners. With our prototype dogs, we found dogs quickly self regulating their massage based on their favourite time of day to lay around or their normal rest period after a walk. This has proved to be a great time to have scheduled massage.

If your dog goes directly to your Dog Cloud Bed immediately upon returning from a walk or exercise, it’s a good sign they are looking for the recovery that the massage makes them feel. You can always take advantage of the “Manual Massage” for a quick and easy 10 minute Moov massage, instead of changing their massage schedule (if you like!).

Manual massage is a great way to show friends or try another dog on your bed without upsetting your dogs data and therapy history. At the completion of each Manual Massage, you’ll be given the option to “Discard Data” if you don’t want to keep it, or “Save” data if it was your dog on the bed.

At Dog Cloud, we recommend scheduling your day with a morning Moov, a midday to afternoon Rejoov and an evening Snooz massage and simply watch the data for a week or two while they get used to it. Keep an eye out in your Therapy Reports tab (bottom, 2nd from left) and you’ll see their favourite massage based on their highest completion rate.

Adjust as you see fit.

Some people make all their dogs massages the same based on highest completion %.

Some dogs have relatively high % completion rates across all so you can simply leave it and adjust their time of day to best suit.

By default, we have programmed 2 massages (6am and 6pm). But this is partly to give you the fun of playing with the app to set your day how you like. We recommend no more than 4 X 20 minutes (or 80 minutes per day) and we actually have a built in limiter in the app to prevent exceeding this. It’s not unsafe to give more, although we don’t recommend overstimulating dogs. The reason for 40-80 mins is because you’ll get maximum benefits and relief in this time window.

So the answer is to customise your day based on your lifestyle. And it will likely change if your dog gets more active and mobile. Setting 3 or 4 massage from 10-20 minutes is naturally built into your app for ultimate convenience. We wanted it “Set and Forget” for dog owners.

Early days of prototype testing had 2 little chihuahua’s jumping off the bed when the massage came on. Back then, it was a sudden start that jumped on almost as quick as these jumpy chihuahua’s jumped off. So we developed a slow “ramping-up” of the massage from zero to the desired speed over 10-30 seconds. i.e. approx 20 seconds for speed 2, approx 30 seconds for speed 3 with the same gradual slow ramp-down at the completion of the massage so it didn’t wake a sleeping dog (“Let sleeping dogs lie”).

The Ramping effect was an instant success with Ruby and it seemed only fitting to name it after the dog that made us innovate – hence the “Ruby-Ramp”.

Our prototype data with a wide range of dog breeds, ages and conditions shows 78% of dogs adapt to bed with no treats or even sitting and patting them (they love it!!!). If your dog starts off a bit shy or jumps off a bit, it doesn’t last long. A day or so of sitting and patting them and maybe the odd treat will quickly have them loving it. Relief and relaxation is somewhat addictive!!! Setting your scheduled massages for when they are sitting at your feet is a great way to start.

Need a little extra help… check out this video with expert Animal Behaviourist and Film & TV Dog Trainer, Bente Dubnitzki