Relieve Your Dog’s Arthritis Pain & Enhance Their Mobility

…and Improve Their Quality of Life as They Age…Without Taking a Ton of Harmful Drugs Or Spending A Bunch of Money on Medical Bills or Surgery


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Is Your Dog...

– Limping?

– Tiring More Easily?

– Walking Less?

– Struggling with Stairs?

– Getting Up Slowly?

– Whimpering in Pain?

Then what you are about to learn could change all that!

Give Your Dog Daily At Home Relief...

Improve Circulation [GUARANTEED]

Increase blood flow and improve oxygen and nutrient delivery to affected areas.

Reduce Joint Pain [GUARANTEED]

Improved blood flow = less inflammation and healthier, better healing joints.

Improve Mobility [GUARANTEED]

Enhance mobility comes from improved circulation - NOT more exercise (see Scientific Study)

Quality of Life

Therapy once a week won't cut it. You need daily therapy to compound results and maintain Quality of Life!

Real People, Real Benefits

To be running around after a younger, 11 and 3 year old dog is remarkable! I'm ecstatic. I'm over the moon. To be able to give something back to him, for all that he's given me over his 15 years... I've only seen that in the Dog Cloud Bed.

Sam, Owner of Jed
(17 y.o. Kelpie Cross)



– Built-in 3D Vibration Massage Therapy

– Patented Dog Sensing Technology (Cloud Sense)

– Orthopaedic Foam Layers with Memory Foam Topper

– Washable Eco-Friendly Bed Cover

– Free App Control via Smartphone

– Schedule Automatic Massages

– 3 Massage Modes, 3 Speeds, 10, 15 or 20 Minute Durations

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Science Behind
Dog Cloud

“The canine model is probably the closest to a gold-standard animal model for OA (Osteo Arthritis) currently available. The canine stifle (knee) joint is remarkably similar to the human knee”.

Tested on HUMANS

Study #1: Benedetti, M. G. et al. Localized muscle vibration reverses quadriceps muscle hypotrophy and improves physical function: a clinical and electrophysiological study. International Journal of Rehabilitation Research 40, 339-346 (2017)

"Vibration Therapy
Reduces Pain"

Vibration therapy was considered to be effective for pain control because it had a much more specific mechanism of activation of the gate control compared with TENS because of its specificity in activating highly myelinated fibres and therefore with a strong homotopic gating effect.

The study also showed that these effects were long-lasting, with patients’ improvements “statistically observable 2 days after the end of the vibration sessions”.

Key Take Away: Dogs who only get occasional therapy (weekly or less) will quickly deteriorate back to baseline. Dog Cloud gives immediate pain relief through 3D vibration massage built into each bed, and results can last days. But with 3 to 4 massages per day, dogs can improve their baseline quality of life and 18 months of BETA testing on Dog Cloud Beds resulted in improved mobility, gait, range and endurance in dogs.

Study #2: Everett B Lohman 3rd 1Jerrold Scott PetrofskyColleen Maloney-HindsHolly Betts-SchwabDonna Thorpe

"Vibration Alone Significantly Increases Skin Blood Flow"

Background: Circulation plays a vital role in tissue healing. Increases in muscle flexibility and strength, secretion of hormones important in the regeneration and repair process, blood flow, and strength of bone tissues has been attributed to whole body vibration (WBV) combined with exercise. The purpose of the study was to determine the effects of short-duration, high-intensity, isometric weight bearing exercise (vibration exercise [VE]) and vibration only on skin blood flow (SBF).

Conclusion: The study findings suggest that short duration vibration alone significantly increases SBF; doubling mean SBF for a minimum of 10 minutes following intervention.

Key Take Away: The key finding here for dogs, is vibration alone produced a better outcome than combining exercise with vibration. When a dog is in pain, walking it more seems cruel. But the science proves better results with vibration alone so we recommend Dog Cloud first, get improvements, then return to walks.

100% GUARANTEED to Relieve Arthritis & Joint Pain in 30 Days or Less or Your Money Back...

PLUS a 5 Year Warranty!

Take comfort in our No Risk Relief Guarantee and 5 Warranty – this’ll be the last bed you ever want or need for your dog.
If something goes wrong*, we fix it for free or replace it – anytime in 5 years.

How to Size Your Dog

Simply measure your dog from the base of the head (skull bone) to the start of their tail.

Small Bed – Up to 50cm

Medium Bed – Up to 70 cm

Large Bed – Up to 90cm

Watch this video if you need some help

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