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Dog Cloud Massage Bed

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  • Give Your Pet the Pain-Free Life They Deserve

    Introducing Dog Cloud: The World's First Medically Proven 3D Vibration Therapeutic Dog Bed Designed to Relieve Arthritis & Joint Pain.

    Dog Cloud's breakthrough technology:

    ✓ Soothes arthritis and joint pain, significantly reducing inflammation
    ✓ Enhances mobility for increased freedom and ease of movement
    ✓ Promotes relaxation for dogs dealing with separation or storm anxiety
    ✓ Improves quality of sleep, for renewed energy and vitality
    Speeds recovery post-walks, excessive exercise, and for working/show dogs
    Is trusted by vets and loved by dogs worldwide

  • Small

    Bed Size = 75cm x 60cm

    For dogs up to 13kg / 30lb


    Bed Size = 95cm x 75cm

    For dogs up to 27kg / 60lb

    Large (Out of Stock)

    Bed Size = 115cm x 90cm

    For dogs up to 40kg / 90lb

Backed By

Dog Cloud’s 30-Day Money-Back

1. Money back guarantee and free return shipping if your dog is suffering from arthritis and joint pain and you don't see relief and mobility improvements in under 30 days.

2. Money Back Guarantee and Free Return Shipping if your dog can't or won't stay on the massage. [Free Training Video provided with over 83% of Dogs Staying on Bed 1st Time]

You have ZERO RISK to try this!

Ease Their Pain, Enhance Their Life

Is your dog one of the millions living with arthritis and inflammation? These ailments can be painful and limit your dog’s ability to walk, run or even get up from a nap. 
There are supplements and treatments available, but these can be expensive, time-consuming and often only mask the problem.

3D vibration therapy is different.
It uses gentle waves of vibrations to help muscles relax and contract, stimulating blood flow and easing discomfort. It’s also been found to improve circulation and reduce stress.  

Humans have been benefiting from 3D vibration therapy for centuries. Now your dog can too.


Dog Cloud is the world’s first medical massage with scientifically proven 3D vibration therapeutic massage dog bed. Activated via WiFi and an app on your smart device, it provides 3D cloud wave vibration massage through layers of dreamy soft ergonomic memory foam.

The vibrations are gentle, safe and 100% guaranteed to relieve arthritis and joint pain in your dog.

Dog Cloud comes pre-set with three massage modes that provide different levels of stimulation. You can set up to four therapy sessions per day and the app sends notifications about your dog’s usage and progress. Dog Cloud can even sense when your pup gets on the bed, so scheduled massages can begin.

It’s the complete, at-home therapy system improving your dog’s quality of life.

Choose from 3 different massage modes

MOOV : A gentle massage designed to wake up muscles and ease stiff joints –  perfect before your dog’s morning walk. 

REJOOV : A pulsing massage that reduces inflammation – great for arthritis sufferers and exercise recovery.

SNOOZ : A calming massage to aid relaxation– designed to give your dog the best sleep of their life

Unmatched comfort & Support

All Dog Cloud Beds feature an orthopaedic foam inner for superior support and a memory foam topper that moulds to your dog's body shape.

The ergonomic-sized bolsters enhance comfort, ensuring a restful sleep experience.

Designed using Eco-friendly materials

Dog Cloud Beds are thoughtfully crafted from recycled ocean plastics. This innovative design not only prevents your bed from absorbing common 'dog bed smells,' but also actively contributes to the preservation of the environment in which our beloved dogs roam and play.

Setting up your Dog Cloud massage bed is simple

1. Download the Dog Cloud app

Follow the on-screen prompts to set up your profile.

2. Connect your Dog Cloud bed to WiFi

This ensures your dog benefits from Dog Cloud even when you’re not at home.

3. Create a custom massage schedule


You’ll be able to schedule up to four planned massages for your dog every day.


the Dog Cloud app

Transform Your Dog's Life Today

Give your dog the “pain-free future” it deserves with Dog Cloud’s breakthrough therapeutic bed.

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