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Dog Pod Episode #14

Mutual Rescue – How adopting a rescue dog can save you too!

Dog Cloud CEO, Scott Groves chats with Mutual Rescue CEO, Carol Novello about the power of rescue dogs and mutual healing that can magically happen for both dogs and humans.

In this Dog Pod episode,

– Learn the myths and perceptions that surround rescue dogs
– Common causes / reasons that dogs end up in shelters
– The challenges facing over-population in southern states of U.S.
– The staggering statistics surrounding dogs in shelters in the U.S. and those euthanized
– Heartwarming stories that have truly transformed lives of rescue dogs and their rescuers
– Programs created and run by Mutual Rescue to increase National Awareness and reduce shelter / euthanasia numbers
– The truth about dog adoption numbers during COVID-19 (are they really coming down or is it just media mis-reporting?)
– How you can get involved with Mutual Rescue / saving dogs
– and more….

Learn all this and more on this special episode with a truly inspirational woman, Carol Novello.

Want to support Mutual Rescue? – go to https://mutualrescue.org/ 

Link to Doggy Day Out: https://mutualrescue.org/doggydayout/ 

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