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Dog Pod Episode # 8

Big Dogs & Their Giant Mates suffer with big dog issues. Learn about dysplasia, gastric torsion, bloat and Dr. Kevin’s “Fat, Five & Female”.


Dog Pod Episode # 7

VET answers to life-saving questions? Can my dog eat bones? Should it eat raw meat? Medium dogs are great “chewers” so…


Dog Pod Episode # 6

Small dogs are one of the most popular categories of dogs globally. Get a VET’s insights, pro’s & con’s of these beautiful small breeds.


Dog Pod Episode # 5

The center of a dog’s immune system is the lymphatic system. Learn the importance of reducing inflammation & toxins.

Dog Pod Episode # 4

In this episode we explore the pro’s and con’s of researching (and acting!) on what you find online when it comes to dog health conditions. 

Dog Pod Episode # 3

Dog incontinence truths & myths – everything you need to know about bed wetting, infection and which dog sex are most at risk. 2 crucial things dog owners must know…

Arthritis & Joint Pain in Dogs

Over 80% of dogs suffer with arthritis. As dogs age, joint pain increases. Learn 7 proven ways to help provide relief for your dog.

Dog Pod Episode # 2

Episode #2 – Arthritis & joint pain interview with Award winning VET, Dr. Kevin Cruickshank. Learn insights into what you can do as a dog owner – everything from massage, heat, nutrition…


Isolation Companion

Dogs during Covid-19 becoming best friends (only), dog abandonment and robot dogs. What does the future hold?

Dog Pod Episode # 1

Launch of Dog Pod – Dog Cloud’s Official Podcast featuring Award Winning VET, Dr. Kevin Cruickshank. Episode #1 introduces effects of dog ageing, dog adoption during covid-19 and more…