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Dog Pod Episode #13

Dog Cloud CEO Scott Groves interview Award-Winning VET, Dr. Kevin Cruickshank again, and this time they chat everything to do with changing seasons and how winter and summer seasons affect dogs. 


Dog Pod Episode # 12

Pet Insurance – Is it worth it? What are the potential costs of not having it? Learn from expert VET, Dr.Kevin Cruickshank as he explains…What to look for in Pet Insurance for Your Dog. Should you have an excess or not? How gaps work? And much more…


Dog Pod Episode # 11

Puppies are beautiful – but also hard work! Learn about biting, barking, early training tips, toilet training, vaccinations, Parvo virus & more…


Dog Pod Episode #10

Hearing loss, pannus, hair changing color, mobility issues in this special episode on ageing dogs. Plus, Dr. Kevin’s 5 Tenets of Quality of Life


Dog Pod Episode # 9

World famous animal behaviorist, Katie Brock has worked in Film & TV for 40 years training animals – her favourite… DOGS!!!